Sunday, May 27, 2007

DAMN DEER are eating my garden !

These deer are in our back yard and I've noticed their grubby prints in my garden. they ate one row of my lettuce and they are now eating my green beans! but Brad says less for me:) We want to get a deer feeder so they will frequent the back yard. this is the first time we have seen them during the daytime.

When in Rome...

We took care of our little nephew Mr. Brooks today and it was funny because he was just chillin and when we turned on the TV to watch a movie, he perked up and started to smile and get excited. Brad said theat's what our kids are going to be like...little couch potatoes with their dad (when they're not digging holes)

So here is a funny story.... I went to Albertson's and was looking for pregnancy tests for like 5 mins and I couldn't them, so I asked the pharmacists and he didn't know so he looked for like a minute, then asked this 16 year old kid with diamond earrings across the aisle if he knew... and he didn't... so the 16 yr old asked this other chick down the check out line, and she screamed out " they're by the contraceptives"... and the 16yr old screamed to the pharmacist..." they're by the contraceptives"... and so the kid was like I'll show you and the pharmacist was like well let me come so I know. I finally said..."Good thing I am not like a 16 year old girl or I would be really embarrased right now!"

We got on photoshop and concocted some pics of future Brad Jr....;) Mom asked me how I felt today and I said kinda sick I felt like I ate a cup of crisco and brad's response was "hey what's wrong with that?"

Monday, May 21, 2007

Houston Vacation

I visited Houston this week and had soo much fun. Iris and Lydia came from North Carolina to visit and we played with Maile, Isaac, ismari,steve,buster, isaura, marcus, daddy and mom.We went to the park and we ate and hung out! I had FUN ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Eva Eva quite contrary...

About a week and a half ago, Brad and I planted a garden with like 15 different veggies because I wasn't sure what was going to grow, but EVERYTHING isgrowing and it looks goo, so i weed it and fertilize it and I'm so excited!