Thursday, February 2, 2012


In the beginning of October I decided I wanted to run a half marathon, so I convinced, somehow, 2 of my girlfriends to do it with me. I started off at my race pace, I wanted to go a little faster but I forced my self to run slower. Next time I wish I would just use that initial adrenaline, energy to go faster, because if I am going to get tired any way at the end..might as well go fast in the beginning!

I was great till about mile 9-10ish then I started getting tired, but kept telling my self, "Self, only 4 more miles"

About mile 11 I wanted to jump in Lake Winfrey... I saw Brad at mile 5, and 6 and maybe one other time...I sure could have seen his sweet face near the end for that extra encouragement.

I wore my sister-in-laws GARMIN watch and it was more accurate that the timing chips they gave us to tie on our shoe. I finished at 2:22. Wished I would have gone a little faster, but still proud!

sigh...I've seen perkier days ;p

The FINISH LINE!! seemed an eternity away

All of us gals after the race, we all finished within 15 mins of eachother

I'm glad I did it and now I can check that off my bucket list, sure I will do one again in the future....far, far future :)