Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Latest piece of art......

I asked Brody to draw a picture of the family and the NEW baby and this is what he drew....... I still need to ask him why everyone is sad and why he is yelling.

We are excited for the new baby to come! Brody still doesn't quite get it yet, but kinda does. He came with me to do some quick lab work and on the way there I kept telling him we weren't going to the dr. for him but to check the baby in mom's belly, while the tech was taking my blood he was intrigued. But then he looked at her and patted my belly and asked if she was going to check the baby in my belly ;) like duh lady...he he

Monday, March 8, 2010

February to March

My mom came to town last week and we played around here before we headed down to visit my sister in Texas. She definitely spoiled us with yummy meals, clean house and clothes and playing with Brody.We drove down to FTW and then played with my sister, dad, and my niece and nephew. Brody had sooo much fun playing with Isaac, Maile, Issy, Marcus, Buster, 'lito and 'lita ;) We miss you;)
Brody offered to push me on the swing

I walked in to the room and he was just sippin' on some DP like no biggie
Wrestling with Maile and Isaac

Checking out the horses in the backyard
Brody loves Buster he was excited to walk him down the street

Brody asked me to take a picture of him and Buster but every time I told him to move closer he would move 1/2 an inch.

Searching for lost pairs to be reunited
Sock Thief


What Brody would be doing while I baked my cakes..."helped" or watched tv ;p

Week 2 cake

Week 3 cake

Week 4 cake My sister in law and I took a Wilton 4 week cake making class at Hobby Lobby last month. It was fun to learn to decorate cakes, I learned a lot of fun new tips and hopefully can take part 2 in May;) This Saturday I am starting a crocheting class at S.W.A.K. in Guthrie so hopefully I can do something good enough to be recognizable