Monday, June 14, 2010


This weekend we were so happy to have someone come visit US at our sweet little home ;) My sister Isaura (aka: Issy) graced us with her lovely presence from good ol' Texas. We had quite the fun little weekend. Nothing to crazy just the usual things I love, chillaxin', eating and spending some guilt free dinero! Thursday and Friday we grilled and ate awesome dinners by mister Bradley. Friday we went on a walk with Brody so he could show her his donkey and horse friends in our neighborhood, then we took a little detour down to the city to visit Hobby Lobby's clearance center "Basket Market", then we swung by the bomb little hole in the wall taco shop,"Tacos San Pedro". I could eat there once a week and never get sick of it..........mmm. Saturday I was soooo excited to get to take him to the Barnum & Bailey's Circus: ZING ZANG ZOOM! He did love it but he didn't get as excited as I thought he would. However it was a little overwhelming,I'll admit, I wanted to cry when I sat down and it started bc it was just so much and he was probably way overstimulated to even get a chance to get excited! The BOK center was huge, they had at least two shows going on the whole time, there were lights, music, vendors and people everywhere, even a cute little Mennonite family sitting two rows in front of us, I can't imagine what those kids were thinking! They didn't have as many animals as I remember when I was little, so that was a bummer bc Brody LOVES animals and they were definitely his favorite part. Isaura and him even made up a song about 2 of the 12 tigers, Sasha and Princesa. It was totally fun and can't wait till we can do it again!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Swim Party

This past weekend we got to go to a suprise party for my brother-in-law. It just so happened to be at our summer time hang out, Pelican Bay! ALL the kids were so excited to yell their suprises' to Benj

Even brad was excited to swim with Brody. Brody has gotten so good at just swimming around with his floaties we know he'll be swimming on his own soon enough!

Enjoying a late night snacky-snack, a little cupcake and pizza never hurt no one

Brody was trying to get his little cousin to go take a dip with him, poor Briley was hanging on for dear life.

Happy Birthday Benj!