Friday, September 23, 2011


Last weekend we headed down to Dallas for a quick 24hr trip to pick up our new wheels. We met my sister and bro-in-law at In and Out burger for dinner. I haven't been there since college and Brad since his mission so it was a nice treat. Two Beauties

Milo turned one on Wednesday so we headed to Missy's for breakfast. He got free doughnut holes for being cute! (and his birthday)

Later.... We went to the OK State Fair. It was fun to see all the FFA animals and exhibits

Milo cried when I took him off this tractor. The lady was nice enough to push him around a couple times for me.

Wishing we were on a real ski lift.....

They were the fastest ones on this ride. Luckily I got a picture.

Can't believe this little guy is 1. He is so sweet LOVES playing outside, walking around like he owns the place and being with big brother.

STATS: 20.3 lbs 28 Inches tall