Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas was fun, it was just Brad and I at home and on christmas eve we opened our stockings and on christmas day santa came and brought all sorts of gifts for the good boys and girls on Huckleberry Ln.!!! later we went with kent sr. and laurie to see the movie "The great debaters" it was really good, but its funny because I thought no one would be out on christmas, but everyone was at the movies. It must be alot of people's tradtions. Afterwards we had dinner at their house and played games...good times.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas eve

It's like 9 pm and Brad is already asleep waiting for santie clause!!!!! Tonight we had my suegros over for din din and after wards we opened our sockings:) Brad-y got socks and ITUNES card, a FORBES subscription, and a daddy/son outfit all in his stocking, and I got a ton of candy two gift certificates to subway and olive garden and a very informative US magazine! yeah. We went to wal-mart at the last minute to do some stocking shopping and fill a prescription. Brad was wanting me to like speed walk through the store, but when it feels like your uterus is falling out and then someone is ringing it out, you can't walk that fast!!!!

4 more weeks!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Raise your hand if you miss Brad :(

Brad went on a cruise this week with his family for a "family reunion" (good excuse) But I couldn't go because I exceed the weight limit. He's been gone since Saturday morning and won't get back till late Sunday night!!!! But I got to talk to him on Tuesday while he was at a castle in Puerto Rico, but he hadn't spotted JLo or Marc Anthony yet :) I'm glad he went and had fun with his bros. He kept telling me of the waiters with plates of cookies and cheese cakes walking around, and eating brownies in the hot tub at 3 am. He didn't take a camera but I'm sure his family took alot of pics, so I'll post some when he gets back from P.R. and the Virgin Islands, with my souvenirs:)


Mom and I went to this gas station off historic route 66 in arcadia, ok. They sell over 500 flavors of sodas and this was one they had that we had to get because it was kinda funny, mom enjoyed it.

mom found this old hat in the yard today that the dogs found somewhere and put it on Sampson. he actually liked it and kept it on but Pito thought it looked gay and kept trying to bite it off it was cute. They liked mom, and they let her take them for a walk on a leash, which they HATE. but later on in the day she took them on another walk without the leash (and me) and when i walked out side they came running in the yard and mom was like two blocks away, so they didn't follow her like i thought....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ba Humbug!

I'm lame when it comes to decorating for any occasion or just decorating in general. It's christmas and I don't even have a tree!!! The only decorations I have are because of my mom, she made me a table place mat and bought two small tree decorations for my fireplace.

One tradtion that Brad's family has is that they make their own stockings, and when they get married their "single" stocking gets retired and the spouses make eachothers stocking, so since Brad is an avid skiier, I made him a Ski boot, and in my skinnier days I was obsessed with jeans, he made me a jean leg stocking :)