Saturday, June 20, 2009

My daddy is my favorite pal !!!!!

I know its cheesy but I have to dedicate this to Brad!! First let me say happy father's day to all the responsible and good dad's in our lives, past, present and future ;) Happy Father's Day Brad we love you ! you are such a great man. You are a great husband who treats me... a princess! You are a hard worker, at home, work, church and everywhere else you could work hard at. There isn't one lazy bone in your body. Brody LUUUUUUUUUVS his dada, whenever he see's Brad's truck he smiles and says "dada" and runs to wach him come to the door throught the window. He gets so excited when he hears the front or garage door open he knows dada is home. he loves playing outside, wrestling, watching cartoons, eating, drinking, and swimming with you! I am so thank-ful for you! I would write more but the cheese is getting all over the keyboard! Love you babe ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Utah trip

Last week we were able to go to Utah for about a week to visit friends and family. My brother and his family just had a baby in March and Brody and I went up for the baby's blessing. I had fun reminiscing on my old stomping grounds and catching up with some old friends and now their babies! We got to spend fun time with my brother and sister in law and Brody loved his cousins, especially baby Mali'e. Evey time he would see her he would want to hug and kiss her, push her in her swing, lay his big head on her and if her pacifier would fall out he would say "uh-oh" and put it back in her mouth. She was a good sport and let him enjoy her love. We spent some time shopping in SLC, visited BYU campus and the bookstore. poked fun at the cheese balls walking around campus. had an awesome BBQ at my brother's beautiful house. Had a baby blessing on Sunday and more fun just talking, going to the park, going on bike rides and just having a great time. We miss our family and can't wait to see them again. Of course I stink at taking pics so I have about 1000 of Brody and none of anyone else important ;( not that 1000 pics of Brody aren't important...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ft. Worth-it

This past weekend we went down to visit my sister and her husband in Ft.Worth while my other family made the trek from North Carolina and Houston. It was alot of laughing, playing, pulling grey hairs, eating, exploring, sight seeing, getting lost, shopping and more eating!!! I love to see my family and miss them alot its always tons of funny fun when we get together. They make me laugh and in the words of my older and wiser sister..." I'm kinda liking this families are forever buisness"