Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I miss Houston Trip ;''''''(

YIKES!!! Baby Lydia took this picture of my "baby elephant"..she called it, thanks Lydia:)

Lydia in her UT TEXAS outfit. She dresses herself that day..no not uncle marc:)

A beautiful baptism blanket mom made for our cousin

Wanna be Issy pic I took . This is in mom's plant infront of the house

While at home my fingers got fat and I had to get a cheap wanna be ring and replace it with my beautiful real ring... The fake one is on the right:(

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pappasitos PARTAY :)

My fun sisters took me out to lunch on friday and we had a girls party:) It was so fun hanging out with them, and they were so nice to give me CUTE stuff for the baby! We went to pappasitos for lunch and it was the bomb!!! I had fun hanging out with the family in H-town and can't wait to come back for X-mas! I felt the baby move too, but now that I think about it I've felt him move before...people say its like butterflies in your stomach but it's NOT! I was anticipating the feeling you get on a roller coaster or something but its like bubbles popping in your stomach! I was laying on the bed and I shook my stomach and he started kicking, and then I shook it again and he started kicking more:) It was pretty cute.

FYI: This is a VERY wide angle lens...and the camera adds 10 lbs

Friday, September 7, 2007

I Heart LC...and the hills

So even though reality shows are lame...I"M ADDICTED. even the dumb ones, but my ultimate favorite, besides America's Next Top Model, is The Hills. So this season Heidi and LC are feuding and I'm on LC's side alond with 90% of The Hills fans...Whats your opinion? Listen to this MSN debate...http://entimg.msn.com/i/ExperienceData/p1-8/us/x.htm?sh=TheBigDebateV2&ep=season2b&g=347d26a6-0e5d-40d9-a306-c32010c8b8f1&GT1=10428