Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Time

This picture is a little irrelevant to my post, but this is why I can't buy junk food, we'll eat it ALL. Brad bought some treats to take with him for when he went to BSA camp and this is like within less than a day of having bought them...needless to say he ended up taking some fruit from home and 1/2 bag of snickers ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In June we took a little jaunt town to Ft. Worth to visit our Issy, Marcus and Buster, she introduced us to Granbury Lake, where we laid on the beach (Milo under a tree) and had a free lunch courtesy of GISD ;)

Brody trying to throw sand on me

Abuelita making some delicious concoction

We Always have fun when we go.

The other day this was a conversation between Brad and Brody...

Brad: Brody if you could go ANYWHERE on a vacation where would you go?

Brody: A hotel

Brad: Ok, but where would you go, what place? You an pick wherever you want, where would you want to go?

Brody: to Issy's house

Brad: yeah that's fun, but pick somewhere different and exciting

Brody: ummm, Ft. Worth

Ehehehehe Love you Patton's!


For the Fourth we had some fam come and visit US!

My mom, dad, two sisters and niece came to camp out at our abode to spend a couple of days swimming, eating, facials, exploring OKC and fireworks!

Iris & Bro

Lydia and Bro

This little guy loves being outside, if you open a door that leads outside, then shut it and he's not on the other side, be prepared to hear him roar!

This chunky brewster always gains a few after family leaves

me+my mom+sister+sister+niece+dad = lots of treats ;)

More outdoor fun and redneck yacht club

The Fouth of July was a fun one, filled with swimming, eating, checking out fourth retail sales and fireworks

Isn't there smiling on the fourth?

Isn't there smiling on the fourth?

Isn't there smiling on the fourth?

Just kidding, it was lots of fun!


We finally made it out to the OKC Zoo to see the new baby elephant with some friends

See the sea lion show

Ride the train

and 4 hours later and 5 lbs sweatier we headed home ;)