Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Many Thanks!!!

my guys... welcome home
feelin' good after a bath

I just wanted to thank EVERYONE who has been here for Brad, Brody and me this past week. Its crazy to think its only been one week, it seems like longer. Brody went to the doctor today and is doing very good, he's gaining his weight back that he lost at the hospital and the only thing is that he needs a haircut, says the nurse :) Its been different being a new mom, but I'm so greatful for the dinners that Laurie made have brought to us and the help that mama and daddy gave to us while they were here. I'm thankful for all of those who have just listened to me talk and have given me advice that has really helped. I'm SOOOO thankful to Brady for supporting me with the baby and really helping out. lastly I am thankful for the Lord and his spirit that has strengthened me and comforted me. We LOVE our families so much and can't wait till we can all be together when mister is blessed :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brody with his eyes open...

This little chubba is soooo freakin' cute!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Brody is Here!


Welcome Brody Ruben "Tank" Bowman...

Look at this beautiful, big 'ol boy!! 8 lbs. 10 oz. of sweetness!

Proud mama and papa...

Mother's are Angels....
Brody and Grandma...or will it be meemaa...or gami....or grams?

Brody and Grandpa...or will it be papa...or peepaw...or pop?

Yvette and baby are doing well. Brad got to give Baby Bowman his first bath.

p.s. This is Yvette's sister posting for Yvette and Brad.

Congratulations sweet little family!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wish us luck.....

Tommorow I will be induced at 7:30am!! Wish us good luck and pray for us that everything will go good and Mr. brody will be healthy physically and mentally. We love you guys.

Friday, January 18, 2008


My fave show America's Next Top Model or ANTM is starting a new cycle, cycle 10 on Wednesday, February 20 2008 at 8pm!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Monday january 14th was my birthday and I am so old I turned 25!jk On sunday my birthday eve, we had dinner at my inlaws house and I got to pick my meal of choice. I picked baked potatoes, and Brad picked steak to go with it, and the for dessert we had carrot cake with cream cheese frosting..yummy. Kent and Laurie also got me this awsome hermatite and black onxy necklace from SILPADA that goes with matching earings I got for christmas. Is really pretty, and they also gave me A cute picture frame that matches the crib decor, so now i just need a pic of brodster to go in it.

I look like a linebacker that could crush poor laurie...ahhhh

Then on monday my real birthday Brad and I went to Red Rock canyon grill on the lake, it was very pretty and romantic. The food was the bomb and afterwards we had a frozen treat at Marble Slab. muy delicioso! Mr. Brad got me my birthstone, garnet, in a bracelet and earring, very beautiful:)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I think we would have been friends :)

I'm ready already!!!!

Today brad once again worked on another of his many projects....our bathroom, he's beeing raising the roof, literally and putting in steps and shower floors etc. and he's doing a good job too.

Today it took me forever to clean 3/4 of the house. I get so stinkin tired I would normally finish the whole house like in two hours. But also from all the construction, there has been ALOT of dust EVERYWHERE and so I had to clean every corner. We went to Brad's favorite store Lowes everyday this week, and I can't walk around fast, or alot, so one day Brad pushed me in the wheelchair which was fun for me and nice for brad, because he said we can finally keep up with eachother and he doesn't have to wait for me to stop and look at stuff too. The next day I opted for the automatic scooter, which isn't very fast at all, and whenever I see people in them I want to tell them "get up and walk, and you wouldn't have to sit in a wheelechair", I felt like that's what people where thinking when they saw me..YIKES. Any who, I was so tired today I took a nap, and I woke up to banging pots and pans and mr. brad was so cute, he made us a late night snack.:) This will be the last week I can take advantage of eating cake at midnight and not feeling guilty about it!!

Sampson and Pito try step in but they know Brad will get mad so they just look in and whine

Hurry Brody! Nicole and Christina Popped!

UPDATE: People confirms Nicole and Joel welcomed a baby girl, Harlow Winter Kate Madden. She weighed 6 lbs., 7 ozs., and Nic's rep tells the mag, "The beautiful healthy baby girl left the hospital with her ecstatic parents." And Mark Malkin reports that Xtina has given birth as well. We're told it's a bouncing baby boy!

Oh, baby! Both Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera are in labor! Boil some water!

Us is reporting that the "Simple Life" star has checked in and will soon deliver her bundle of joy, and TMZ has just spotted grandpappy Lionel, uncle-to-be Benji and his fiancee Sophie Monk at the hospital. Getting the band back together!

Multiple sources have confirmed to us that Christina is there too. Maybe they can share a room?!

I was secretly hoping to have Brody before they did...to bad...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1.8 million people (one-third of the population) live in favelas.
One of those is the Pereirão favela, perched above the middle-class Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood of Laranjeiras. Here, 10 years ago, children started to build a colourful scale model of the slum that now covers 300 square metres. “Morrinho" or little hill, as they call their little favela, was a recreational option, a way to spend the time, to avoid going the way of drug trafficking gangs.
After school, children would spend their afternoons adding bricks, cleaning the ground where the Morrinho was being built, rebuilding after heavy rainfall, and play-acting scenes of everyday life: adults at work and children playing, stand-offs between the police and drug dealers, members of elite security forces patrolling the tiny streets.
Then police discovered that enormous detailed scale model and ordered its destruction because they thought it was part of a drug trafficking gang’s plan to invade a nearby neighbourhood... Fortunately children defended their project and convinced the police otherwise.
In 2001 filmmaker Fabio Gavião heard about the mini-favela and interviewed the boys for a documentary produced with their participation. The scale model became a tourist attraction. Finally the project received the artistic recognition it deserved, it was described as "art in situ".
Portions of the miniature reproduction have travelled around the world to art festivals like the Venice Biennale or exhibits in Barcelona and Paris.
Gavião and another local filmmaker, Julio Souto, bring to Morrinho their filmmaking and photography classes and manage to make a social organisation that would provide to the community language courses, skills training and other services.
But the miniature favela has already satisfied an even more important mission, creating a bridge between the favela and the middle-class and wealthy sections of the city, fighting prejudice and social discrimination.

It's interesting how children can influence our lives and the lives of others without really knowing it. Children are really innocent, and its neat that these boys that started this "mini city" did it to get away from all the corruption instead of just joining it....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Freedom of the Seas....

Brad got to go on a cruise with his "Wetzel" family before christmas, and these are a couple of pics from his trip.

This is Brad and his brother Kent in Miami getting ready to box and get on their ship.

This is Brad in Puerto Rico, on the lawn of a historic castle that lies on the sea, but Brad opted to save his $3 for the tour and just hang outside.

Brad is a sexy beast

This is Brad deep sea snorkling for lost treasures to bring me home :)

Brad actually found this conch in the ocean and bought me this pretty coral necklace from the Virgin Islands...lucky