Saturday, February 5, 2011

Early to bed EARLY to rise...

Brothers love each other! Milo stares at Brody in awe all the time and laughs when he does goofy stuff. Today while Milo was napping I showered, while I was in there Brody asked if he could wake him up so he could play with him. I said no, and what do you know he just happened to be up when I got out. Brody loves to wake him up when he is sleeping and then crawling into his crib with him.
This little guy wakes up early every morning, but today he woke up extra early at we had a fun photo op. His new favorite trick is rolling over. Sometimes he even rolls over when he doesn't even want to...BLAST!

DUH...I got this face about 100 times :)

Did I mention all the shiny drool has brought one tooth and another on the way.
Finally! I can take a quick nap before big brother wakes up
But of course he woke up when I did and ended up in my spot, and I get the foot of the bed.