Tuesday, May 18, 2010


For the past little bit Brad has been thinking about adding a deck outside of our bedroom's french doors. Yesterday he and Brody started the fun project!

Framing it out

Getting wood for Dada

Laying the floor boards
Organizing the scrap pieces
a little clean up
TA-DA! oh Brad, you and Brooke Shields, what don't you do?
(ha ha Steve-o)


This Mother's Day was great like always! I woke up to a wonderful breakfast in bed....I will spare you the picture of me in my pjs. Then we went to church like every Sunday and got chocolate like every Mother's day ;) (time to mix it up a bit Guthrie) For Dinner my mother in law and I were spoiled with a surf n' turf dinner where I got a wonderful diffuser from my in-laws, a dress from my mom and dad and a trip to go visit my sister and vacay in the OBX this June from my hunka-hunka-burning love! Thank- you, Thank-you for making it such a wonderful day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Brother

Well everybody, I guess the Bowman curse is true because its another BOY! But we are ecstatic for Brody to have a brother that he can be close to, talk with, play with, fight with, share with and just be a great big brother we know he will be! Brody always said he was going to have a baby brother, so I guess kids are always right! Yesterday he kept telling everyone he was going to have a baby Milo that he was going to share his trucks, trains, and cars with! WOW, because Brody doesn't like to share unless he is feeling extra nice, or has too. I am already starting to think about what their room will look like since they might be sharing one if they can fit ;p
Well... here's to still being the queen of the house and cheers to Brad not having to get a second job if it was a girl! ha ha

Saturday, May 1, 2010

This is how a "real" man does it!

We aren't trying to potty train Brody but we always like to ask if he wants to use the toilet if we know 'something' is up. 99% of the time its always a definite NO, but once in a blue moon he will want to sit on the toilet for 2 seconds and then hop off. Instead of using the bathroom like I would Brad always goes out the french door in our bedroom ;p So of course Brody wanted to try like dada and go like a big boy...............aren't those the cutest buns ever????

UNFORTUNATELY this is what happens to my grass because of nature's calls ;(