Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My cup runneth over! no kids came to our house tonight, I was so sad, I had candy, I turned on all the lights, I even left the door open, and put some Halloween paraphenalia on the freaking door. I guess the boone docks isn't the ideal location for kids, but maybe next year
Brad said that he thinks Sampson and Pito scared them away because he would here them barking crazy every so poopers. i gave them a treat since no on else wanted one. Sampson likes it.

Flaunting my "Full Figure" and it's contributors :)

exhibit a

exhibit b
exhibit c "contributor"
I only put my pics up here because my sister wanted to see my belly.... if it were any one else I wouldn't. Brad and I bought this delish danish last monday and by last friday these were the results. I don't think this knife left the box, its nice eating entenmanns and not feeling too guilty, until days like today happen! I was at work and one of the kids came up to me and said..."you're full figured"...ouch! at first I wanted to say "yeah, well you have buck teeth". but I didn't I said, "well, it's because I'm pregnant, that's why I have a big belly". He told me his mom said that was the "polite" way to say it. Thanks for being so politically correct kid. I felt bad for my self at first, but then it was funny, but I'm the only one that can joke about it now, if any one wants to poke fun, I'm mean, I'll go straight for the juggular beotch!;)

Finally its together !

We looked a couple of places for a glider and finall we found one for a steal at Babies 'R' Us. it not too huge and it matches our crib, and the fabric is actually blue pin striped to match the bumpers in the crib! so if our next baby is a girl we're out of luck, but we're not worried about that now.

Brad really likes the glider, but I told him he had to wash his feet before he used it. This is what he'll look like in 82 days :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

San Antonio or BUST!!!!!!

In Oklahoma the school districts let out for Fall break for a couple of days, which is nice if you work at a school, so Brad and I and our friends Nate and Natalia are going to drive down to San Antonio on Thursday and come home on Sunday. We'll be staying at La Mansion on the riverwalk, where we stayed on our honeymoon...awww (thank-you daddy), and actually this trip will be longer than our honeymoon actually was. On Friday we'll prob hang out with our friends and see the Alamo and do some shopping, but on Saturday the historic market square, which is this huge market that has all these shops, restaurants and music events going on. On Saturday they are having a cool event for the DIA DE LOS MUERTOS where junior high schools from San Antonio will be decorating exhibits and altars!!

And DEFINITELY we'll be hitting mi tierra restaurant and bakery, It's the best place to eat and its's 24 hrs....something brad will enjoys since he plans to eats his heart out this weekend!!! YEAH

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby Mobile

So we were at Babies-R-Us on Saturday looking for a glider for the baby's room and Brad decided he wanted a baby mobile for the crib. Well he found one he likes with balls hanging off it, but I didn't see any I liked. They were all to cheesey, like with bears hugging girrafes and monkeys riding elephants... I wasn't sure if I wanted our son starring at that to much :) But I REMEMBERED that Brad's aunt made him, his brothers and sister baby mobiles when the were born, and it was so cute, she is a very good artist and so we dug it up at his mom's house and I'm excited now I just have to figure out how to hang it.... any ideas?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Talk

Today was conference, and I'll have to admit the last half I couldn't stay awake!!! but in the first Sunday morning half I enjoyed the talk by Sister Beck, the R.S. President...i think. I really enjoyed it because I'm going to be a mother soon and she just talked about the importance of preparing and teaching your children. She said your home should be a Pre- MTC. that's true. She said they need to learn before they go into the MTC. It's funny because everyone laughed but, I new a kid that it wasn't until he got into the MTC that he really learned about Lehi and his family. He said ", I didn't know they got here on a boat.." hello...... Mom told us a little Simon story and how he was telling his inactive friend about Joseph smith and the first vision in the car, and how he shared his Book of Mormon. Well, let me share what Alicia wrote mom..

" ...Speaking of Simon I thought I would send a neat little experience with you. We have a little friend who doesn't attend church. Her friends are inactive and where until recently in our ward, they were friends of Ruben and I.The other day we were watching her so her parents could finish up packing and we took her with us to the kids computer class. Well Simon had his little book of Mormon reader, which he usually keeps there to read as we drive. We he asked her if she had ever read the book of Mormon. She said I don't think so. He then asked well have you heard about Joseph smith and how we got the book of Mormon she said no. So he opened his little books and showed her the pictures while he told her the story of the first vision and how Joseph Smith translated to the book of Mormon. he then told her she should ask her parents to get her one of these book of mormon readers so she could learn about Joseph smith. I just sat there amazed with Simon, thinking of what a wonderful example he was and how wonderful it was that he was teaching his little friend about the gospel. I was so proud of him and the missionary he is and will become."

That's so neat that Simon wasn't afraid to share his beliefs. I think it was the president who said it , but he said we need to share whom we are with everyone. All of our acquaintances should know we are members of the church. Which is true, I don't think everyone I work with knows I'm a member, or my beliefs. You know we pray for missionary opportunities, but they're there for us everyday! and we don't take advantage, or at least I don't always take them.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Beddy bye time!!

Tonight Brad and I got a crib and a dresser/changing table for the baby. We like it alot and it's sturdy. Brad made sure of that, he shook it like a polaroid picture, and even put it in some of his old wrestling moves on it. I said Brad...." I don't think our baby is going to be a 190 lbs and shaking it that hard!!" its sturdy! Its starting to become more real now! we have the furniture, some clothes, I'm getting bigger, even though I like to tell people "it's just my shirt". tonight I think I felt the baby's actual body it was kinda cool. I felt something small and round near my belly button, like it was his head or something :)