Thursday, January 10, 2013

Self portrait

Milo and Brody are great buds.
If Milo is asleep, Brody asks several times if he can wake him up. If Brody is gone for a second Milo is continually asking where he went. And what kills me the most is when Brody leaves for school or somewhere with Brad, Milo falls to the floor and cries for "my Brody". Now don't get me wrong they fight like to roosters in a Mexican cock fight but there is love. Today while Brody was at school, Milo and I were drawing stick people and for the first time Milo drew is first stick person....His Brody.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

House update

The framing has taken some time but is basically done ! All the other subs are itching to start. We met with the cabinet guy yesterday and are really excited to keep moving forward;)

Christmas Day

The boys were nice this year :)
I'm not much of a photographer, I NEED to be better. Here are a couple of shots of Christmas morning. Santa came the night before and talked to the boys about being good boys and obeying mama and dada. Then we headed over to our good friends for an amazing surf and turf Christmas dinner. We came home and got ready for Santa and his reindeer to visit. I would say they got what they asked Santa for...LEGOS!

Baby Lucas

Our new bundle of joy came Frida, December 14th 2012. Weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 in. long
 He is definetley a good baby. Sleeps at nights, eats every 3 hours and wakes up once in the night. He loves to cuddle and loves to recieve loves from his 2 older brothers, who LOVE him.
 My mom came to for a week and a half to help, and she was an angel! Doing christmas projects, park outings, art projects, McDonalds, library you name it. Thanks MOM:)
We sure do love our baby brother