Saturday, January 7, 2012

October 2011 - January 2012

After Milo's Birthday was Halloween. We went to the Zoo for "Haunt the Zoo" It was not as crazy as we thought because it was on a Monday. It was great. There were about 10 little stops around the front of the zoo were they got candy, treat, drinks and toys in there free reusable bag! I would do it again :) This year the boys were Batman and his sidekick Robin
Later my sister and mom came down for a visit and we just shopped and sewed and do and eat the usual when they're here, but its so fun!

Then over Thanksgiving we went to Jacob lake, Arizona for a Bowman family reunion

Here we are standing on the Navajo bridge over the Colorado river, where Brad overcame his fear of heights :)

Then we visited the Grand Canyon. Being in this part of the country made me love the outdoors and wished a little I lived where I could be an outdoors person.

Poor Milo hung over the edge one too many times for my liking

Brad and Brody at the actual Jacob Lake, not to be confused with Jacob's lake. The Indians named it after Jacob Hamlin they did not give it to him.

Cowboy Brody...I hope he always wants to be a cowboy :)

Then in the beginning of December our cousins from Utah came to Houston to visit and then met us in Ft. Worth. Simon is a great little helper, was Brody's buddy helping and teaching him along the way. Kalea a great little mommy making sure Milo wasn't doing anything to naughty. AND out little Mali'e was a cute little firecracker, we miss them!

oops...Signature rock in AZ was a place the pioneers going down to the Mexican Colonies would stay and sign their names in the rock..we even saw Brigham Y.'s...very cool

For Christmas we went on a family cruise to Mexico and Central America

Brad and his littlest buddy

hangin' on the beach

Beautiful Honduras

Christmas Morning. Brody was soo excited Santa came to our ship. He was the first one up, and Brody is NEVER the first one up.

Brody was excited Santa brought him his truck, trailer and cows. Today he told me policemen, Santa and Jesus were all good guys :)

After Christmas we went back down to spend with my parents and sisters in Houston. Here we are at the Aquarium where we had our wedding rehearsal.

My Sisters, mom and I at the Kemah Boardwalk.

Miss them!