Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Making out before we changed into our work clothes

dada already working concentrated

"placing" the flowers where thay should go

picking at the flowers and of course(kinda annoying sometimes) Sampson



Last week we decided to do some gardening. We pulled out old, dead pansies, weeded and mulched. Brad is pretty fast so for every weed I pulled he pulled 30. For every hole I dug he dug ten and for every Begonia I planted he did 5 and for every break I took he took none... this is why he informed me that he would never hire me as a Bowman Brothers employee bc I'm too slow. Anywhoo, Brody had fun playing in the dirt, pulling out the flower petals, throwing around dirt like he was doing what dada was doing and of course riding Sampson.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

with a moo moo here................

Yesterday was an awesome weather day! It was sunny and warm, so we headed outside to play in our "Elmo" sprinkler. Brody wasn't sure about it and the water was kinda cold so he played with Sampson instead. Later in the afternoon we went to my MIL's neighbor's little hobby farm with cousins and friends to check out all the cool baby animals spring has brought.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's day to all you beautiful mothers and future mothers outh there...HOLLA!!! This past week I had my family come visit for a couple of day, but MY mom visited for longer. We had fun going to Guthrie and checking out the antique shoppes, going to lunch, chilling and just having fun.. we miss you. Today Brad and Brody got me a new camers. YEAH cause my old one was old and crappy. So here's to prospective better pictures and attempting to take more pictures. CHEERS!