Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

First I want to say happy HALF birthday to my littlest munchkin! He is such a lovey, cuddly go with the flow baby. He puts up with alot from his brother but loves him like he could do no wrong. He has 4 teeth likes to roll from back to front. He can roll from front to back but doesn't do it too much bc he doesn't like to be on his back. He sits up very well. Puts everything in his mouth, enjoys taste testing table food and playing with toys with fun patterns, and colors.


Over spring Break we flew down to Houston for several jam packed days. Day two we headed over to Ikea where I got some awesome fabric and Brody got to enjoys his first Ikea cinnamon roll and pizza I was able to steal a smidgen of a roll for Milo from Mr. stingy
later we went to the Houston Zoo, I forgot it was all of Houston and surrounding areas spring break so it was CROWDED. Here we are on the train checking out the park
Step on a crack and you'll break your mama's back....
The next day we went to to the Houston livestock show and rodeo. We rode the light rail right up to the entrance. very nice.
Here is Brody riding "Tex"

The next couple of days were spent with his cousins Maile and Isaac. Poor isaac was Brody's whipping boy. He rode him like a Bronc.
Made him carry him everywhere, get him something to eat, drink, take him to the potty, wrestle him etc. etc. What a good sport Isaac. we love you
Maile and Brody have similar personalities ;) Maile ain't nobody's "girl dog"
My sweet sweet baby loves to swing
We then traveled up to Ft. Worth to visit our favorite Patton's

Ever played Wii's Just dance??? SOOO FUN

Issy ended up with sore legs, and I ended up with a sore ego! She kept beating me even when she stopped dancing to talk on the phone! NO FAIR...REMATCH

"Castle Park"


We miss you Texas ;(

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zoo trips and haircuts

Last night during bathtime I decided to give Milo a little haircut.
Trimmed the ears, the Beiber bangs and got rid of the rat tail.
Looks good right?
I set the scissors on top of the toilet finished bathing the boys and let Body play some more while I got Milo out and ready for bed. Brad went in the bathroom after a while and told Brody it was time to get out, when Brody exclaimed... " Dada I cut my hair does it look good?"
Brad: "no it doesn't look good don't cut your hair!"
I ran in and saw this and died laughing! I ran to get my camera to take pictures and Brody told me to stop laughing at him. He was upset;)


Last week we also got to go to the zoo with a couple of our friends. It started off as a cool day, but ended up being super nice! We can't wait for Spring.

Cute Babies:)
For Valentine's Day Brody and his buddy Andrew
went to the zoo again:)

This little guy was my Valentine ;)
Two very curious guys that love animals

The zookeeper let them pet some grizzly hair
Brody told him that it looked like buffalo hair
Andrew LOVED the goats, I think he cuddled everyone that was there what a sweet guy

Brad made us Valentine's Dinner...What a sweetheart, I love him he is my eternal Valentine I am so Lucky!