Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I miss Houston Trip ;''''''(

YIKES!!! Baby Lydia took this picture of my "baby elephant"..she called it, thanks Lydia:)

Lydia in her UT TEXAS outfit. She dresses herself that day..no not uncle marc:)

A beautiful baptism blanket mom made for our cousin

Wanna be Issy pic I took . This is in mom's plant infront of the house

While at home my fingers got fat and I had to get a cheap wanna be ring and replace it with my beautiful real ring... The fake one is on the right:(


Isaura said...

we miss you too eva. ydia is funny. i like your chubby fingers!!

Steve and Ismari said...

You are a BEAUTIFUL pregnant girl!! You are so sweet. We are so grateful you came to Htown!!!

RUBEN & ALICIA said...

Holy sh-----. I beleive the technical term for your fingers is hot dog fingers

Isaura said...

your brother is rude. i finished the post that i started look at our dog visitor that followed us home tonight