Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brody's first Sunday.

Bowman's in their Sunday Best

Sunday was Brody's first day at church. Our church starts at one and we woke up at 12:39! but I have to commend myself for getting brody and I ready pretty quick. Since we got up late, I was late feeding him, so when we got to church I fed him there. When we walked into sacrament everyone was all smiles when they saw his little black head bobbing around. Our bishop said he looks just like Brad and if he had to pick him out of a crowd he'd say that was his son.

Teaching an old dog new could hang anything off that nose:)


Isaura said...

you look good eva!! dang dawg, whats up with the hook nose and spoon?!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh how exciting, the entire, little family got to go to church...wish I was in that congregation! His little outfit is too cute and Yvette you look gorgeous! Steven and I were both like DAYUM!

And yes, Brad, you can do anything with that nose...isn't it ears and noses that never stop growing? That's ok my secretary at work (in her 50s) thinks you're really cute:)

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I love my mom and she is a fabulous Nana, but Brody looks just a little scared in that pic.

Steve and Ismari said...

OOhhh. I bet everybody was soo excited to finally see you family at chizurch. I bet they had their sweaty paws all over baby BroBro.

I miss him and you guyz!