Tuesday, April 22, 2008


For the past week all our family has been doing is partying. two fridays ago, our family came into town to see Brody get blessed, then I went to houston this past week and then to Dallas this past weekend. But it was tons of fun and Brody did sooo good!.

First time swimming in Dallas with zexy Brad-y poo

These are the "Bowmans" in dallas visiting Benj and gretch and meeting up with kent and mary. We had a picnic at the park before we went and took professional cousin pictures

This is my mom and brody before we left, she loves him sooo much he will be the star in her next christmas christmas card.

These were the "Arredondo" cousins partying late in Herman park in Houston.

This is Brody's blessing day, but He doesn't have his outfit on cause he pooped all over himself and his dad, but luckily it didn't get on his outfit! miracle!


Steve and Ismari said...

We are glad you are having fun with your little family and your little, sweet, chubby, cute, yummy baby!!!!!!!!

And by the way...how much do we have to thank you for posting that really sexy picture of Brad. Woah I almost got confused for a second wondering if I accidentally landed on a too sexy swimsuit website or something!

I love your little family picture with you guys in your stripped shirts! What a special, sweet little family.

We love you and miss you soooooo much!

Isaura said...

you guys are a cute little bumble bee family with your stripes
what the????????????????? who are those half naked sexies in that picture. why aren't you sitting with them in your swim suit?


because then victoria secret would sue me because I am under contract with them and cannot post my zexy body on non commercial sites! you're rude

Skinner Family said...

lol... your sisters (i assume they are your sisters) are funny.

cute pictures! looks like you had a big group at the blessing. that's awesome!

sounds like you guys had a fun trip too.

k, which one is herman park? i know i've been there before. okay, i just looked it up. i remember it now! the science museum is fun! i remember field trips there.