Sunday, July 6, 2008

Funny Baby

Here are a few funny pics of mister brody

Reading is fun !

What did you say homie?

Just kidding I'm not mad


Steve and Ismari said...

Brody has the most BEAUTIFUL eyes!!!!

He is such a cutie! I love when you post new pics!!!

We are going to visit you the beginning of August....Isaac asks every day when we can go to Oklahoma!

We miss you guys. Give Brody lots of squeezes for me!!!!

love - Izzy

lidia said...

thanks for posting new pictures, I needed to see my you mr. Brody......

Isaura said...

i want brody's eyelashes
he's such a cutieeee

Steve and Ismari said...

It's just me again......i'm obsessed.

Janna said...

i love your commentaries!!! love the first picture of him with the book.