Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tis' the season

Just today I was I wish I new a little girl at church who sold girl scout cookies. I went to the Dr. and saw some boxes just chillaxin' and teasing me on the nurses' desk and thought " mmmm, cookies". Then on the way home my prayers were answered. Parked on the side of the road was a girl her mom and two brothers selling G.S. cookies!!! I whipped over faster than you could say peanut butter tagalongs, hopped out and purchased two boxes of these delectable treats, but don't call me tommorrow and ask me if there is still any left..YIKES

Go Long !

Brody went to the dr. and he now weight 11lbs 10 oz. but Brody told me its not fat its muscle. Then he told me he thought THIN mints were a low fat food ;)

Brody's first Sunday.

Bowman's in their Sunday Best

Sunday was Brody's first day at church. Our church starts at one and we woke up at 12:39! but I have to commend myself for getting brody and I ready pretty quick. Since we got up late, I was late feeding him, so when we got to church I fed him there. When we walked into sacrament everyone was all smiles when they saw his little black head bobbing around. Our bishop said he looks just like Brad and if he had to pick him out of a crowd he'd say that was his son.

Teaching an old dog new could hang anything off that nose:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Will you be my valentine?

For Valentine's day we all just stayed at home. I made dinner for brad and a yummy cake for dessert. It was ugly but veryyyyy tasty. I made one of brad's favorite...chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, rolls and green beans. yummy. I told Brad not to get me anything because I got enough flowers with Brody and he hooked me up for my b-day and christmas. The next day for my valentines gift, he cleaned the house all spick and span!! from mopping to cleaning the microwave!! and brad hates to do that, so I just sat back and relaxed with a magazine!!! it was very sweet.

Brody is getting very chunky and long!! I told brad he doesn't fit in my arms anymore and brad laughed and said " Babe you act like if i go in his room he will be like (in a deep voive) ' dad can i borrow the car?' " But he is getting big and will be four weeks on Monday!!! crazy

This is my ugly but tasty cake. I was makeing dinner and had Brody in the sling and i kept going and picking at the cake, then he started to fuss and I looked down and he had crumbs in his hair and face :) I stopped.....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brody and friends

Tia Ismari and Maile came to visit from Texas and we are having fun with each other and our baby Brody. We just woke up thats why we look so beautiful :) Brody posing in his new outfit :)
He loves the swing Ismari bought him that goes 90 MPH at its slowest....
Posing naked Starring into each others eyes how romantic !

Cousins Maile and Brody
Brody looks just like flippin BRAD in this picture :) YEAH for mini me's

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Welcome !!!

Tommorrow my big sister Ismari and my niece maile are coming to OKLAHOMA! she is so sweet to come and help me with mister brody and my house. I've been feeling better, but it's still hard to do ANYTHING with the baby, so I'm glad to have her come and just hang out with me to keep me company and PARTAYY :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Brad's latest "DO IT YOURSELF"

Brad and his workers redid our master bathroom and it lookss awsome. We didn't contract any one out, he did it all by himself with the help of his workers his brother kent and a brother from the church...This is the shower, right now we are waiting to get a door measured and installed in here, it will be nice. Brad did this brick pattern and tile accent and raised the ceiling about two feet and lengthened the bathroom by two feet, by knocking out some old useless cabinets that were behind the shoere in the other bathroom, and framed it off.
Close-up of the tile patternsThe built these soap and shampoo racks on my request:)

The floor tile matches the wall accent really nicely.

Brad picked out these double sinks and with the help of his bro they plumbed by themselves

He put tile around the walls about three feet up and painted it this light green

This mirror was the old one, but brad and daddy framed it off and painted it and mounted it...looks better than one we would have bought at hobby lobby

Thanks for the fancy soap issy...

Now I can take a bath :)