Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Party

Brody with all his gifts!

Enjoying his hot dog and veggies

His cowboy boot cake I made which was hard to frost! Brad had to finish it for me ;)

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to him, and he was acting shy

Isaura my sister came all the way from Ft.Worth to be with us for his first birthday! she had just been down to Houston the day before taking care of our niece and nephew. What a great aunt we love you Issy!

The awesome cake pops my sister hand made. They were so beautiful you didn't want to eat them, but when you did it was divine .

Family portrait
On Saturday we had Brody's one year birthday party. I decided to do a cowboy theme and had a cowboy boot cake, cowboy food (hot dogs, hamburgers) and some cowboy games outside like horse shoes, gun target and toys in a haystack and roasted marshmallows. It was pretty cold outside so most people stayed indoors. It was fun to see all the kids playing with Brody and having fun. Here are some pictures from the big fiesta.


Janna said...

Awwwww!!!! SOOOO CUTE! I love his shy little face... hiding from everyone. And I love his birthday boy shirt.

I'm totally sad that we missed it. Sounds like a fun day! But, I'm sure everyone would be thanking us for NOT bringing our sickie germs to the party!

Isaura said...

I had so much fun!! and the party was awesome Eva, especially the cake. Is there an official count of how many cake pops brad had?? ;)
Just wondering. Love you guys

RUBEN said...

that is cool. first birthdays are lotas of fun. we can't wait to see you guys, hopefully.

lidia said...

Man, what beautifull cake and cupcakes.....I am so proud. and my Big Brody is so cute, and I can see he just loves his mama. Happy ONE my baby. love you

Kris and Libby Brown said...

You have the most adorable little boy! I just want to squeeze him!!

Steve and Ismari said...

I am sad we missed Brody's big day....we were in San Diego! Brody is so sweet. I'm sure Brody was having too much fun to miss us!

But I am expecting cake pops at my 35th birthday party o.k. gang!

Love you - Izzy

Jennie's bunch said...

Happy Birthday Brody!! It was such a cute party and the cake looked great!! They grow up so fast!!