Friday, February 20, 2009


Caught red handed trying to smash mom's lipstick

Hmmm, dada's clothes smell like the gorilla cage at the zoo

Let's freshen them up in the dryer

whoops better take the lint out so there is no fire

Struttin' his stuff at the sexy legs contest

Brody loves, loves, loves being outside. Whenever we open the door he makes a quickdash and tries to escape. Yesterday I heard the glass door open like three times and I'd look out and brody would be halfway down the path and then be knocked down by samspon. He calls outside "bye-bye" So whenever he wants to go outside he'll say "bye-bye" and shake his head up and down. So of course I have to take him cause he is too cute not too.He loves going on walks with his red buggy. When we go outside he'll get in and sit in it and talk to you like he is asking you to push him.


Isaura said...

awwwww he's so cute. i miss him. that was a funny shot of sampson's big face in the camera, he's cute too :)

Steve and Ismari said...

My heart is melting. Brody is so, so sweet. He is so darn cute! I can't wait to see him...oh..and you guys again! Isaac use to love to be outside, too. That's all we did EVERYDAY until he went off to kindergarten. And now we have a trampoline, bikes, and dad is getting him a basketball goal for his birthday. He is a outdoors boy like his cousin Brody!

Love you!


Ashley Dickman said...

soo.. cute! i love that the dog was jealous!

Ashley Dickman said...

message from kaden to brody:


smithsmiles said...

Good thing you can hear the door and have a good watch dog! Sounds like he's ready to take on the world with or without you!

Kimberly said...

I love it when they are young enough to still love doing the laundry! I wish I hadn't grown out of my love for doing laundry too.

RUBEN said...

SO FUNNY. hey Brodie, we have the SAME EXACT CAR at our house, so you'll have lots of fun playing little guy.

lidia said...

Well, little Brody, you are already so busy.........that is very goood, great for the mind. I love to see you walk, you walk just like are so cute.........Ms. Y-vette I like your you

Elizabeth said...

Too cute! I can't wait to see him walk! You need to post pics of your gorg kitchen asap!