Monday, March 9, 2009

Zoo trip

Two weeks ago I went to the zoo with some friends and Brody loved the animals! His fav are dogs I think just because he sees them alllllllll the time! His new animal sound is Moo ;) so whenever he sees a cow, goat, horse or sheep he says MOOO! maybe he'll love animals just like his cousin Maile and want to be a vet like her too! Everytime we go outside he has to look for sampson and he recently started giving him hugs, and in return he gets a big lick kiss back.


Steve and Ismari said...

Ohhhh Brody....I love you!!!

I could eat your little sandals...with your tiny feet IN them!!!!

I miss you so much! Waaaaaahhhh!

lidia said...

My Brody you are so cute, and abuelita likes dogs too, they are special creature.......I see you had fun riding the carossel.......your new little cousin-malie Anahera Isaura is so you

Isaura said...

ahhh i could eat him too.....i guess i missed this post along the way. he's such a munchkin. miss you guys

Kimberly said...

So cute! It's so funny how slow the merry go round goes yet the kids still love it.