Saturday, June 20, 2009

My daddy is my favorite pal !!!!!

I know its cheesy but I have to dedicate this to Brad!! First let me say happy father's day to all the responsible and good dad's in our lives, past, present and future ;) Happy Father's Day Brad we love you ! you are such a great man. You are a great husband who treats me... a princess! You are a hard worker, at home, work, church and everywhere else you could work hard at. There isn't one lazy bone in your body. Brody LUUUUUUUUUVS his dada, whenever he see's Brad's truck he smiles and says "dada" and runs to wach him come to the door throught the window. He gets so excited when he hears the front or garage door open he knows dada is home. he loves playing outside, wrestling, watching cartoons, eating, drinking, and swimming with you! I am so thank-ful for you! I would write more but the cheese is getting all over the keyboard! Love you babe ;)


RUBEN said...

TO bRODY----hI bRODY I miss you, Brody, i hope you had a fun . with your daddy. i love you.....from - kalea

RUBEN said...

Abuelitas-------Well I agree with you Yvette, Brad is a wonderful father and husband, and that little boy shows it in his face..........

Steve and Ismari said... come you have been posting so many sappy comments lately...just kiddin'...I know it's abuelita blogging with your pin name.

We love you Brad! I love you and Brobro's matching haircuts. You are such fun boys. Thanks for being a great and sweet hubby to my little Yvette Brad-e-poo. We love you, too!


Isaura said...

yeah, i guess brad is a good guy.
hehe JUST KIDDING Bradley. we love you! and yes, brody is mildly obsessed with his dada. speaking of that little guy. i miss him. i've been finding little things he hid while you guys were here in different little corners.