Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week 2009

This week has been a fun filled Thanksgiving holiday. It started with Elizabeth, Steven and baby Charlie coming to visit from Colorado. They suprised Laurie and Kent early on Saturday night, so everyone came over to visit and have a popcorn party!

The girls then went and saw the latest twilight movie 'New Moon' I loved the movie actually more than the book by the way.

Thursday was thanksgiving, but of course I took like 3 pictures. Here is Uncle Steve-o playing nickjr with the kiddies.

Checking out the yummy apple pie Elizabeth made

Brad and Benj arguing about something competative

On Friday the Ladies once again got together and made strawberry freezer jam. These are the lastes additions to the Bowman clan. Briley and Charlie.

Brody helping Charlie slick back his hair..........

Domestic Divas

On Saturday all the Bowmans got family pictures taken down at the Myriad gardens. Afterwards we went to Toby Keith's in Bricktown for a yummy dinner. We are double daring Brody to eat a lemon......

Sunday for FHE we made christmas popcorn wreaths. An old Cramer tradtion. Thanks Steven and Elizabeth for letting us in on the yummy treat!

Lastly since some of the family wouldn't be together for Christmas, we exchanged gifts early! Steven and Elizabeth got us a FIESTA fun pack, filled with margarita cups, piƱa colada mix, traditional tortilla maker, and a snazzy table runner! now we just have to have a party!


smithsmiles said...

We want to be invited to that party!!!
Sounds like you had a great holiday. What a fun family!

lidia said...

Sounds like lots of fun.......I love the holidays.........and the food, and the dancing with the grand children...I am glad you enjoyed the rest of the family....

RUBEN said...

gabachos! son un par de borachos!

Steve and Ismari said...

You can bring the Fiesta Fun pack to MY house this Christmas and we will break it open in our bath robes! Wow Brody!!! It looks like you are having TOO much fun without me again! I am glad to see you white half of your family takes SUCH good care of you and is so, so, so much fun!

We can't wait to see you for Christmas! Get ready for when I dare you to eat Menudo!!!


Tia Ismari

Janna said...

fun, fun!!! I love the video of Kent and Laurie being surprised!! so cute. sounds like you guys had a great week.

Isaura said...

haha i think my favorite picture is the last one of papi with half his face in that glass!!! miss him.