Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Water Tot...

"scooping" This floating train was his favorite part of the class, where he would lay down and relax when the rest of the kids were working away kicking and making bubbles

His teacher, Masomi. The first day of class he kept blaming his fart on her and said
"Masomi farted". Luckily she didn't understand him ;)
Walking the wall
He is suppose to be gracefully diving in, but instead he was doing cannon balls
I LOVE this picture. It is the epitome of Brody's love for candy. This was his graduation present and he is looking at it like "my precious"

For the past 4 weeks Brody and I have been taking swimming lessons twice a week. It had been quite a treat for the both of us! Brody LOVES to swim and I love to watch him have fun swimming. This past summer we went to Pelican Bay in Edmond almost everyday, so I figured this year it might be more fun if he could navigate around the waters a little more better and safely. This past Tuesday was his last class, so he's graduated from water tots, and we are going to try to sign up for the next class which is the preschool class. He loved his teacher and all his little swim buddies at the pool so hopefully we will get to start that up next week ;)


Steve and Ismari said...


Brody!!!! That is soooo, soooo cute!!!!! I LOVE your swim pictures!!! You look like you are having a BLAST!!! And you mama looks so happy, too. What a fun thing for you to do with you mama. I am glad you are having soooo much fun together!!!!

I love you soooo much!


Tia Ismari

p.s. Do you think you could enroll abuelita in one of your water tots classes while she is in OK visiting you. She could use a semester or two of bubble blowing, and floating 101!!!!

RUBEN said...

so cute. Great job little Brodie! You can give your cousins lessons little guy!

Alicia Kulani said...

Brody you are so CUTE !!! I just want to take him home and squeeze him. Good job buddy. You are such a good swimmer.

Isaura said...

brody to his lollipop:
"i'll get you my pretty"
awww he's so cuutttttttttttteeee!!
love him.
you guys do such fun things together. HAHAHA izzy, yeah, papi, take abuelita to swim class with you!

lidia said...

B R O D Y Farted :-)....Brody you are so funny........lolly pops are good...I will try to make some of my teddy bear lollypops and send you some...........

Kimberly said...

Hello from Joshua an me! Cute pictures!