Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slip N' Slide

Slip n' Slide will NEVER go out of style! last night we got to play with our friends 100' industrial sized slip n' slide. This brought back memories of when I was a kid a we got a slip and slide and the first night my mom slipped, slid and there was no more slip n' slide....she accidently ripped it, but I'm not bitter ;)

Brody was a little peanut going down this thing. He loved it, he finally ended up with no pants and still going like a champ.

The dads 'DOMINATE'd this poor thing, even fipping poor kids over in the process.
(haha jk Adam)


Jen said...

Okay, that looks like so much fun!

Isaura said...

HAHAAHA that looks awesome!!
I like how Brody went down in his skivvies.

lidia said...

maaan, looks like somuch fun, was thin an Elders and son evening? being hot and sweatty.

RUBEN said...

whoooa should have warned us to wear sunglases before we looked at the pictures. bright! brody pull up your pants man!

Steve and Izzy said...

This looks like a blast!!!!!!! Good thing you didn't get any pictures of Brad loosing his shorts!!! Ouch! Keep having fun little ones!!!