Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brody's 3rd Birthday

What a fun weekend we had last week. My boys woke up ready to have a fun filled day!
Brody had a shark themed party at the pool with 20+ of his friends and family

Brody loves his cousins he climed on them the whole time!
This was Milo's first time swimming in a pool and he loved it!
My guys

This is how much Milo loves the relaxing

Mom flew into town to help me and celebrate! LOVE YOU MAMA ;)


We had a traditional Bowman family birthday dinner on Sunday with Brody's choice of dinner
And cookie



Denver's Dining Diva said...

Brody is So Adorable!

Isaura said...

awwww what a fun birthday! i love all of milo's faces. hope they get to feeling better.

M&J Bowerbank said...

Aye he is getting so big! Let me tell you that you have some really adorable children! Soo cute!

Jen said...

I LOE the picture of the boys in bed together!

lidia said...

so much fun, love my boys and of course mama and dada.....I had so much fun and some wonderful time playing with Mr. Brody.

Elizabeth said...

Happy B-Day Party Bro Bro! We wish we could've been there.

PS I can't get enough of Milo's man boobies:)

Steve and Izzy said...

WOW!!!!!!!! What a blast you guys had! We are so happy for you Brody and family!!! I am so happy you have such great family and friends taking care of you! are a sweet woman, mother, wifey! Brad is the sweetest, too! You guys are the cutest family ever. We miss our Brody and Milo!!! I have the fever for that midget Milo!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaahhhh why do you have to live 8 hours away!!!!!!!

Love you guyz!!!!!

♥ Steve, Ismari, Isaac, Maile

Michelle said...

LOL, I think Milo has the exact same expression in every single picture and I love it!

Happy Birthday, Brody!

Blake and Audra said...

Your little guys are SO stinkin' cute! Brody cracks me up and Milo... I could just eat him up! I love the idea of a shark themed party at the pool. So cute!

Isaura said...