Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Houston Trip

Over spring break we got to head out of town for a jam-packed week of fun with my family. Brody, Milo, Lucas and I headed down to Houston (with a pit stop in Ft. Worth)
We got to visit the Houston Zoo

 Visit with our generous, incredibly smart and beautiful Issy
 induldge in a "monkey tail"

 Have fun with abuelito

 Visit the LEGO store
 Go fishing with my eldest, coolest, gracious, beautifulest sister, Izzy (not to be confused with Issy:))

 play at the park
 show off our ABS

 drink refreshing boba drinks
 bouncy house fun
get spoiled by abuelita


Steve and Izzy said...

Soooo GLAD to see you my little sister!!!! You are an AMAZING woman, mother, and a WONDERFUL friend! I.Love.You!!!

I miss all my beautiful sisters!!!!!


p.s. You took that pic of me BEFORE my hair was colored. ;D

lidia said...

oooh so much fun to have seen all of you guy's, and gals. I am going to exercise so I can get Lucas's Abs ;-)
next time we will be at the park when it opens cause it was a tad H O T ... love you sweety pies

Nana said...

I want a monkey tail too...and I want to visit all those amazing places and marvelous family members in Ft. Worth and Houston...those boys are dearly loved by their family members for sure :)