Sunday, March 2, 2014


We have had 4 birthdays since September. First was Milo. He turned 3. Milo is funny, sweet, sensitive to others feelings, kind, and selfless. He is a great artist and loves to learn! He loves being a brother to Lucas and Brody in different ways. He is a BFF to Brody bc they are at the age where they can actually play together. Legos, art project, riding scooters watching movies, there is nothing they don't love Doing together they are best brothers forever! He loves to tease Lucas.. But at the same time is a great "mentor", teaching him to feed himself, talk, play, color. He is so encouraging to him I love Milo.


Isaura said...

My sweet Milo. he is a good little care taker. I love him too.

lidia said...

Well, seems to me like everybody is having birthdays except you big are little champions.