Thursday, April 19, 2007


Brad, Benj, Gretchen, Babies and my suegros went to Houston this weekend, and we had fun, on friday we hung out with the bowmans and we went to Lupe Tortillas. It was fun to watch the kids play in this huge sandbox that they had. One big kid was fighting with our nephew Yadon and Trey jumped up and started to jet over to the play area to defend him. it was so funny. He must get that fury from his uncle brad;) we also had an adult easter egg hunt (no not XXX adult) and it was fun. Brad and I collected $6 and a bunch of candy. I felt like I was in an ultimate fighting ring with Benj and Kent good thing no one got hurt, just our pockets. On saturday mama and I went to the temple. It was cool to see the people from the old Friendswood stake. The Arredondo's had an anniversary party for us. Issy ordered us a delicious cake and we just ate and partied. It all ended too soo, but hopefully we'll be back in May to visit again when Iris and Lydia come to visit!!

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Isaura said...

Did you see my pics of the event?!!?? I like the picture of you, brad ,AND Isaac reading US magazine :)