Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm sick, I caught the blog

So in the world, of myspacers, facebookers and LDSminglers here's to you ebloggers that can know more about our life with out really having to call, because then that would be bad. JUST KIDDING!!! I thought I would get with the "IN" and start a family blog. Brad and I just celebrated our one year anniversary on April 7th. The time has really gone by fast and the year has been great since we moved to Oklahoma, Brad is still doing Bowman Brothers which I must say he has done really well with keeping it all running and growing. He is so smart and buisness savvy and thats good because it means our kids will have a 50% chance of being smart, and they can get into a good college because they are smart and not half mexican...(thank goodness for affirmative action) ;0 Any who I'm still working with three autistic boys, they're pretty cute sometimes and it is rewarding, but I think its time for something new for me. I want to start a buisness where I make "teaching toys" for autistic children because there isn't alot out there for these poor kids and sometimes as a parent it's hard to be creative and fun when your kid has been flapping his hands for like an hour straight!!!!! But I'm working on that so we'll see how it goes. We bought our first house in October and it came equiped with a barn, 2 ponds, a billboard and 10 acres. But it was a steal! Brad did a lot of work on it and daddy came to help which was fun beacuse daddy and brad are alot alike and... well... just imagine working with... well I'l just leave it up to your imagination.
Since then we've been doing some new buisness ventures, we're in the process of selling our billboard and hoping to use that money to embark on some interesting new ideas.


Isaura said...

YOu guys are cute. Lets see the after pics

Izzy and Steve said...

AAAwwww Eva and Brad you guys are sooooooo sweet! You are smart little business owners and investors! Your my kind of people. I hope all you dreams come true. You are a sweet little couple! Love - your BIGGGG sista Izzy

Elizabeth said...

SOOOO Cute, I love it! I've seen the after shots in person, but I want to see them again! I keep nagging Steven to update our site, but I don't think pre-finals and finals is really the time to do that, I don't always have the best timing! Anyway, hope ya'll had fun in Houston and we can't wait to see you! Love, Elziabeth