Sunday, August 26, 2007

We LOVE and MISS you Paco!!!

Our baby Paco got really sick this week and we had to take him to the vet. He didn't get any better in the doggie hospital he was only getting worse and worse so the vet said it was best if we put him down :"( We miss him so much but on Friday Paco sent us another little baby pup to take his place in protecting our house and keeping his brother Sampson company. We named him Pito, because he is small like a pita pocket but pita sounded like a girl so we call him Pito:) I found him on the side of the road on the way to work, I saw this little squirrel yawning and then I looked and it was a puppy! I brought him home and he never left:) He loves us and his big brother Sampson. He likes to wrestle with him even though Sampson can fit Pito's head in his's funny to see them play cause they both follow each other around like new brothers.
Brad thinks a squirrel mated with a cat and bore Pito.


Sweet little guy

Pito: You wanna fight?

Pito started it...
Wrestling buds


Steve and Ismari said...

If you guys are this CRAZY for puppies imagine how you will be with your baby boy! Wow, you will be a great mama and a great papa. Really sweet. We can't wait to meet our new dog cousin. Paco was sweet, too.

Isaura said...

the last picture looks like they are making out!! Awww we miss little paco it made me sad to see those pictures of him but Pito is soo cute too. marc thinks he's half beagle and maybe some dachsund