Sunday, August 5, 2007


We had fun with Chief, Maile, Ismari and Mama last weekend. We partayed, ate, slept and partayed some more:) Chief had fun swimming in the pond, with out anyone knowing except the dogs, and playing in the garden and going swimming. If only we had Cartoon Network chief....sorry. It was nice being pampered by mama and Ismar:) they cooked for so poor skinny mr. brad and cleaned my house and entertained Tio Jacob and Co. too


lidia said...

I really enjoy reading and looking at your pictures.......we had so much fun, and Isaac and Maile were in Heaven

Isaura said...

in all your pictures maile has the dogs wrapped around her finger!! see loooks like Maile Erwin the dog trainer with her whipping sticks and rope

Isaura said...

chief is cute