Thursday, November 29, 2007


This one will be our christmas tree, since we don't know where to put one inside!!

Brad HILTON.....that's hot (this is my magnolia tree) When it blooms with it's flowers in the spring, we are going to take pics of the Brodmeister under it :)

Today Brad planted three really pretty trees, a magnolia tree, which I picked, and two pine trees. He Loves doing stuff ike this, and I like to help. I helped move one of the really big pines, by pulling it with his riding lawn mower in the hole.

Brad was in his good friend's wedding this weekend. It was fun to go see them get married they were so happy. And I enjoyed the wedding refreshments too...he he can't you tell.


Steve and Ismari said...

OOOOOhhh sooooo cute!!

I love the picture of you and Brad together! You guys are a really cute pregnant couple! It's so beautiful and exciting.

I want to come to see your new trees!!

We will see you soon!

Love you.


Brad, you are too sexy!! slurp!!!

RUBEN & ALICIA said...

Looks like fun in OK. Brad, you look cute pregnant!