Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is the house that Brad built

It WAS starting to get cold here so brad built Sampson and Pito a dog house, its still under construction though, but the dogs love it. They try to take the bed out of thier house and pull it outside, but its too big. Even thier dog friends come over to see it...
This is Delila, pito's friend, she was upset and plopped on the floor because I just got home, and Pito left her for me:) She tried to keep playing with Pito and Sampson but they were through with her..typical man!


Steve and Ismari said...

Cool dog house.

You think you can make one a little bigger for my kids. I'll pay you!

That is really cool Brad-ee poo!

Isaura said...

awww this is cute!! Buster has a bitch too, her name is Missy, and he treats her as such!! Good job Bradley. Is this where Buster will stay if he is ever allowed to go meet his cousins?!?