Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ba Humbug!

I'm lame when it comes to decorating for any occasion or just decorating in general. It's christmas and I don't even have a tree!!! The only decorations I have are because of my mom, she made me a table place mat and bought two small tree decorations for my fireplace.

One tradtion that Brad's family has is that they make their own stockings, and when they get married their "single" stocking gets retired and the spouses make eachothers stocking, so since Brad is an avid skiier, I made him a Ski boot, and in my skinnier days I was obsessed with jeans, he made me a jean leg stocking :)


Steve and Ismari said...

THat's what happens when you are don't want to do anything but lay around, eat, sleep when your back and belly don't hurt and eat some more. It's a monotonous existense isn't it? ha ha

Steve and Ismari said...

p.s. I love your's so original and so cute.

Isaura said...

I'm ashamed of you with no Christmas in your house. No wonder mama has been sending me hate mail, she's in a grinchy mood with you.
Maybe if you reduce your TV watching time, you could put up a candle or something :) Cool stockings, I would be kinda offended though that brad made the cola part kinda big. . . those are some tight jeans !!

RUBEN & ALICIA said...

The pineapple is a good decoration for Kwaanza.