Friday, December 21, 2007

Raise your hand if you miss Brad :(

Brad went on a cruise this week with his family for a "family reunion" (good excuse) But I couldn't go because I exceed the weight limit. He's been gone since Saturday morning and won't get back till late Sunday night!!!! But I got to talk to him on Tuesday while he was at a castle in Puerto Rico, but he hadn't spotted JLo or Marc Anthony yet :) I'm glad he went and had fun with his bros. He kept telling me of the waiters with plates of cookies and cheese cakes walking around, and eating brownies in the hot tub at 3 am. He didn't take a camera but I'm sure his family took alot of pics, so I'll post some when he gets back from P.R. and the Virgin Islands, with my souvenirs:)

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Isaura said...

HA HA BRadley is funny. Tell him to wrap some cookies and brownies in a napkin and put them in his suitcase like you and iris used to do at Ryan's