Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Monday january 14th was my birthday and I am so old I turned 25!jk On sunday my birthday eve, we had dinner at my inlaws house and I got to pick my meal of choice. I picked baked potatoes, and Brad picked steak to go with it, and the for dessert we had carrot cake with cream cheese frosting..yummy. Kent and Laurie also got me this awsome hermatite and black onxy necklace from SILPADA that goes with matching earings I got for christmas. Is really pretty, and they also gave me A cute picture frame that matches the crib decor, so now i just need a pic of brodster to go in it.

I look like a linebacker that could crush poor laurie...ahhhh

Then on monday my real birthday Brad and I went to Red Rock canyon grill on the lake, it was very pretty and romantic. The food was the bomb and afterwards we had a frozen treat at Marble Slab. muy delicioso! Mr. Brad got me my birthstone, garnet, in a bracelet and earring, very beautiful:)


Isaura said...

you're cute eva. you look tired though :(
awesome jewelry that the bowmans have been hooking you up with lately!! does your mom in law have hook-ups a.k.a. discounts;)with silpada?? there's a silver coin bracelet that i was eyeing at my friends silpada party. i'm glad you guys had fun and now i'm hungry and want some of your marble's slab

Steve and Ismari said...

I don't know what Silpada is because they don't sell it at Target. I am so sheltered dawg!!

I love you Yvette. I am so excited for your little baby. I know the last month of pregnancy I got really swollen too. Don't worry. It will go away and what's left is a beautiful, sweet, yummy baby!!!

Have fun with it all o.k.

Love your big sister Izzy!!