Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm ready already!!!!

Today brad once again worked on another of his many projects....our bathroom, he's beeing raising the roof, literally and putting in steps and shower floors etc. and he's doing a good job too.

Today it took me forever to clean 3/4 of the house. I get so stinkin tired I would normally finish the whole house like in two hours. But also from all the construction, there has been ALOT of dust EVERYWHERE and so I had to clean every corner. We went to Brad's favorite store Lowes everyday this week, and I can't walk around fast, or alot, so one day Brad pushed me in the wheelchair which was fun for me and nice for brad, because he said we can finally keep up with eachother and he doesn't have to wait for me to stop and look at stuff too. The next day I opted for the automatic scooter, which isn't very fast at all, and whenever I see people in them I want to tell them "get up and walk, and you wouldn't have to sit in a wheelechair", I felt like that's what people where thinking when they saw me..YIKES. Any who, I was so tired today I took a nap, and I woke up to banging pots and pans and mr. brad was so cute, he made us a late night snack.:) This will be the last week I can take advantage of eating cake at midnight and not feeling guilty about it!!

Sampson and Pito try step in but they know Brad will get mad so they just look in and whine


Steve and Ismari said...

I posted my post on the wrong post..(see next post).

You guys are awesome...the BOTH of you! I can't wait to see you again and hold your sweet baby. It will be Heaven!!

I want some cake, too. We will have to have a party when i get there!

Isaura said...

awesome work bradley!!! eva's mexicanity is rubbing off on you. can you come remodel my kitchen??? i want a gourmet kitchen with built in chopping boards and all... that cake looks goood
P.S. Your cake has better eyebrows than I do.

Isaura said...

lots of fun suprises coming your way with Lidia...i would call and remind her not to forget them though...
She's funny. I told her I had some dog food that I wanted to give you guys becasue Buster has to eat the prescription one now and she was sweet and was going to pack it in her suit case...a bunch of dog food!! "ohhh I weill put eet in my beeg suitcase" I told her it was ok and daddy could take it when he drove up there. and with mamas luck they would check her bags and find a bunch of kibbles and bits in it. funny little lidia

Isaura said...

P.s. i can't believe you got in a scotter..yeah i think the same thing when i see some people in those scooters and they're screaming to their poor kids to grab them stuff