Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday was a great day! well...Brad does spoil me, so every day is like mother's day, except Sunday I got a present. One from Brad and one from Brody and one from my in-laws. Well Brody gave me his Saturday and Sunday night when he slept through the night for me. Two nights in a row Whaaawhoooo! Brad gave me some yummy muffins and fresh oj for breakfast and then he gave me a plane ticket to go home at the end of this month, bc my sister Iris and bro in law Josh and baby Lydia will be visiting from North Carolina. Then he is going to drive down and pick us up so that he can visit too. Then Brad and Kent sr. made Laurie and I these awesome fajitas for dinner with our traditional sunday dessert...banana splits,mmmmm. The Bowman;s gave me these beautiful roses with a fun new book for Brad and I to read. Hope everyone had a great day!


Isaura said...

aww brody is such a cutie smiling in the picture!!!
we can't wait to see you guys and partyyyyyyyyy.

Steve and Ismari said...

Baby Brody looks like the most delicious banana split ever....I could nibble on him.

We are sooooo excited that you and Iris will be here this month with your little families!

It will be so fun. We love you guys.

I am so thankful that the Bowmans are so nice to you, and Brad, and BroBro....THANK YOU BOWMAN FAMILY! Sweetie Pies!

Jen said...

LOVING the picture of Brody smiling. He's such a cutie!