Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Happy birthday mom, we love you sooo much for being such a great example to all! thank - you for the sacrifices you made for us growing up and the continual love and support you bring, you are such a special, UNSELFISH person with a special spirit!! you're beautiful and I LOVE YOU!


Steve and Ismari said...

That boy has the sweetest personality I have ever seen on a baby! He is just so pleasant, and happy, and sweet! You are doing a super job Yvette and Brady-poo. I can't wait to see the arched back break-downs though. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! We love you!!1

See you guys tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia Kulani said...

soooooo cuuuuutteeeee!!!!!!! can't wait to see you guys!

Isaura said...

new post please, i'm kinda bored