Thursday, October 23, 2008

My First Haircut

On sunday we decided Brody needed a hair cut, and Brad wanted to be the first to give it to him! It turned out ok he kinda looks like Lloyd from dumb and dumber but its starting to grow on me.


Steve and Ismari said...

That's it. I am calling CPS on you. If the kid can't even sit still....and Brad nicked him in the eye with the clippers! Brad was just buzzing his whole head with out even having a plan.

Ha ha...poor little guy. Why do we love torturing our kids.

We love you look too sexy now!

Tia Izzy

Isaura said...

awww leave him alone!!!
poor baby.

lidia said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, my baby, now he looks like a little boy!!!!. but he is still my little baby.he is so you

RUBEN said...

he is soo cute! it reminds me when i used to cut simon's hair....oh waity i still do and he still hates it!

Elizabeth said...

I think the hair cut looks cute! Although, I do find my mother's cackle in the back ground a wee bit disturbing.