Monday, October 13, 2008

TAG... 8 is great

Eight TV shows I love to watch:
1. The Hills
2. Project Runway
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Jon and Kate + 8
5. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
6. Unwrapped
7. Chelsea Lately
8. Glen Beck (with Brad)

Eight things that happened to me yesterday
1. Went to Starbucks in North Carloina
2. Fed ducks at the lake with Iris, Josh, Lydia and Brody
3. Had a LONG flight with Brody
4. Nursed Brody on the plane (never thought I'd do that)
5. Thought about slapping the girl next to me on the plane with my boob
6. Bought a necklace in the Airport
7. Had some ice cream
8. Went to Wal-Mart

Eight favorite places to eat
1. Panera
2. Pei Wei
3. Tacos San Pedro
4. Chipotle
5. Macalister's
6. Mimi's Cafe for breakfast
7. Kang's
8. Jamba Juice

Eight things I am looking forward to
1. A clean house
2. Cruise in December
3. Losing weight
4. Spending more time with Brad in the down season
5. Brody
6. Getting my braces off
7. seeing Ruben & Alicia's baby
8. Haloween

Eight things on my wish list
1. Stanley Steemer cleaning my tile floors
2. Lose weight
3. Start Pilates
4. Join a gym
5. Finish two GE classes
6. Start my own buisness
7. Learn to sew better
8. Mo' money Mo' money Mo' money ;)

Eight people I tag
1. Ismari
2. Isaura
3. Iris
5. Mary
6. Elizabeth
7. Angela
8. Janie


Angela said...

Nursing is the best thing ever. Especially when you get to be a pro at pulling over and nursing while changing a diaper in your lap in the driver's seat. OR. When you get to where someone else drives and you can climb in the back, buckle up and lean over enough to get your boob into the baby's mouth so he can nurse on the drive.

Oh and I once shot my sister in the face with milk while she drove. Yeah, its amazing how far it will shoot.

Steve and Ismari said...

I will clean your tile floors for you!

And you already look so HOT Eva!!!!!

Love you - Izzy

Isaura said...

i miss bro bro