Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday's and Books gone to the dogs

Tonight we took Brody to Edmond Library for their "Reading to the dogs" night. They had several therapy dogs in the library just laying out while children come around and read books to them. At first he was shy but then he was a goofball climing all over the chairs and telling the dogs "no no" so we said our good-byes he screamed and ADIOS PERROS!

Last week we celebrated papa's birthday and it was a suprise party! We hid out at my BIL house and waited for nana and papa to just "swing" by to pick up something while on their way to dinner and a movie. They came in and he was suprised. good or bad I dunno bc he sure was looking foward to that fake steak dinner, but we had our own steak dinner with our cows. Brody had fun playing in the sand box outside, jumping on the tramp and just being around all boys. He thinks he is such a big boy but he's still my baby.


Isaura said...

HAHA sux for your father in law. Poor guy just wanted a steak!
Crazy bro bro and his dogs.
Excited to see you guys this weekend.

RUBEN said...

wow. you had me at hello

Steve and Ismari said...

You get all geared up for steak and a baked potato, a movie with extra buttered popcorn, then sweet lovin' with your wifey at home later that night....but instead you get screaming sister-in-laws and screaming gran that in NOT a let-down at all Eva!! ha ha just kiddin' I'm sure he wouldn't have it any other way!


Steve and Ismari said...

Brody is the sweetest guy! I can't wait to snuggle him!