Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trip to the Library

Today we took a trip to the library. Brody LOOOOOOOOOOVES books. He loves reading them and being read to. This was the first time we went and he went up to the books, took them off the shelves, sat down and just started looking and talking to me. He would look at them like he was really checking out the cover to see if it was a "good" book. Maybe when he is older he can earn points to get Pizza Hut's personal pan pizzas. Do they still do that??? when we got home he chilled and watched a little tv bc sometimes after reading you don't want to think ;)


Janna said...

I love it. When Zack was that age he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to even read a book to him.

That's so funny... Brody acting like such a big boy... checking out the books and then SITTING down to actually read/look at them.

Steve and Ismari said...

oooHHHHH Thank you for the new Brody pictures. He is such a sweet kid. I love that he loves his little books. He is going to be a genius. :)

I loved how he checked out books, and then was pooped from all the reading and then went home to lay on the couch and chill. Reading DOES fry your brain a little bit sometimes. ha ha

That's what Isaac and I use to do when he was little. Play outside, eat food, read books, play inside, cartoons, movies, clean, do "experiments"....the easy going life. It was wonderful AND tedious at times...but I can see that it has definately paid off so far for us!

I love you so much!

You Biiiiiig sis,

Isaura said...

awww i love these pictures. especially that last one. uncle marc does the EXACT same thing after reading. p.s. i like his little crocs

lidia said...

Wow! he is on the right path, reading more than watching tv........wonderfullll....his shoes are cute............what is he doing? pointing to to the way out?..........love him

RUBEN said...

the obsession begins. simon and kalea are OBSSESSED, BEYOND OBSESSED with the library.