Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July !!!

We went to Kent and Mary's house for some finger lickin' good BBQ ribs, homemade icecream, cookies, bbq chickem , pasta salad, etc. We had some family friendly fireworks going off and Brody was scared at first but then got used to it and enjoyes holding the sparkler at the end!!!


Elizabeth said...

Cute hair! Looks like you guys had fun, wish we could've been there.

Isaura said...

aww he's so cute. i love his serious, intense face. your hair is cuyyute. it looks healthy and silky ;)

Jennie's bunch said...

I love the death grip Brody has on Brad's hair!! Looks like a successful 4th!!

lidia said...

He is just trained when he is a teen ager he will be obsessed with your hair Ms. yvette....your's to Mr Bradeley ;-)

Steve and Ismari said...

I am glad you had fun with your family and the Bowmans! Glad you have sweet people taking care of my babies....Yvette and BroBro. We miss you guyz. We promise to come see you before the summer is over. Steve said he wants to go see you guyz. He had fun with Brad in Forth WOrth!

We love you guyz!