Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zoo Train

Brody putting his train tokens in his pocket so he doesn't lose them

Playing with trains

Brody and Brad loading on the train

Family train ride

Checking out and enjoying the baby deer while on the train

Lately Brody has been really getting into trains, not really Thomas but just trains in general. He also has a love for animals, so we put those two together and took him to the zoo today to ride the train and check out some animals in the hot hot heat, well not so much heat but humidity, I felt like I was back home!


lidia said...

I want to go see the animals and ride on the train...I want to see The animals... i love you..

lidia said...

you look beautifull with out your you can kiss your sweethart and not poke him..

Isaura said...

hehe i'm glad brad finally got to ride the trains in the zoo/park and make up for the time he didn't get to in ft worth :)
eww i like your fresh new slick teeth. beautiful!!
papi is so cute. he has a
perma-mad face and is looking more like his bowman cousinzzzz.
miss him.

Elizabeth said...

I can't get enough of that little man! And hey oh, hot mamma on the run! Brad better handcuff you down so no one steals you away;) You look fabulous

Blake and Audra said...

Your teeth look AWESOME!! You should do a before and after picture. Only because that's what I do is braces and I love the before and afters!!

RUBEN said...

the obsession starts....trains and animals. simon went though the same thing. he is still obssesed with animals, even in 2nd grade. crazy